Even though I am quite elated at the moment,

I feel the need to point out how absolutely THOUGHTLESS and rude people can be. My iPod isn’t charged so I had to run without music this time and to no avail I see the ugly of the world the ONLY time I don’t have my music to drown it all out.

I run on the sidewalk on the far side of my neighborhood so I can avoid most traffic and looking eyes.

Yet today, when I am barely around the corner of my street, some fine bulbous multi-chinned man decides to scream out his car window “YOU’RE FAT QUIT TRYING!” at me then speeds off.

Do people not realize what they are doing?

How hurtful that can be to some people?

It shook me up pretty bad but I comforted myself in the fact he would not have even been able to fit his sausage hand into where my entire arm fits.

It aggravates me when people feel it necessary to degrade and talk down to people who are trying to take care of their body or someone is actually sick because of the things people say to them.

I suppose this is the end of my rant but don’t let ANYONE tell you that you are not beautiful, attractive, gorgeous, stunning (file in the other 293456349853 adjectives I don’t feel like typing).

They can’t stand the fact that you are what you are, BEAUTIFUL.

so. haters gon’ hate.